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  1. A&A – you have described your experience of the land, climate, culture and activities so beautifully – perhaps travel writing could be an extra career! The photos too are exquisite – what a time for you both – such a privilege and experience – so pleased you are enjoying it so much – love Chris

  2. Heerlijk, zo’n blog. Om te zien en te lezen hoe het leven daar voor jullie is. Ga je nu elke dag een stukje schrijven? 🙂

  3. Wonderful Blog Boys,
    Yes its all true, the Kimberleys are just magical, like nowhere else on the planet, Reminds me a little of Moroco,Hope you enjoy the wet season that is so wonderful also.
    Keep on blogging we are loving it!!!! and such expressive in the moment writing.!!! Good on you!

  4. All interesting because the Kimberleys is a foreign world to this urban girl. That degree of heat contextualises almost everything you do or are trying to do….I know from my Myanmar pre-monsoon experience – but relief is only weeks away.

    I imagine there’ll be a glorious change in the landscape when the rain comes as well as a palpable uplifting of mood amongst the local inhabitants not to mention ‘outsiders’ like yourselves.

    Would love to hear about your work Anthony and it would be good to know how Andre fills his days…..so different from more recent years. Great to hear from you ….all the best! Bev

  5. Happy birthday Anthony are there many Scorpios up there?
    And a far cry from the Blue Mountains where a taxi driver, told me that there the locals were comprised not of the three “M”s but the the three “R”s – the retired, the religious and the retarded. Book me in at he hotel for all of Feb.xxxxx

  6. O so great to finally sit down and read through your blog… makes me want to return immediately….. no! maybe next April would be cool enough…. Alan Griffiths son Chis and my friend Alana are visiting here tomorrow with their baby, so it was nice to see that beautiful painting beginning your collection… Coco returns Tuesday -2 more sleeps!!!
    – 6 months up already and i am so excited … I am just back from celebrating Sas’s 60th in Canberra with all the fam – got to see Jess for the first time in ages – he has an interview with VCA next week…. think of you often out in that incredible world and hope to come visit next year….and hope to see you east over Christmas, much love Gini

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