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Some like it hot ?


Your correspondent at 5.15am

When we first moved into our Kununurra house , I thought that we had under floor heating and heated towel racks in the bathroom. This is the effect as the  whole house heats up during the day. Very important to put the beer glasses in the freezer before use!

The early morning is often the best part of the day, we set the alarm at 5am  so we can enjoy a couple of hours of relative cool on the veranda. During the day cooking and cleaning can be a challenge even with the aircon and fans on.  I can recommend a bit of  ‘windbaking’ after you’ve worked up a sweat. The kitchen bench is big enough to lay on and the aircon right above the bench cools you down.  And because off all the sweating (I’m sure one of these days I’ll win the wet t-shirt comp in the gym) there’s a craving for salty things.

Midday temperature on the veranda
Midday temperature on the veranda

Often I wake up after a night’s sleep feeling as if someone has hit me on the head with a brick…..a  lukewarm shower helps ( you never have to use the hot water in the shower). The  highlight of the day is when there’s a good storm with lots of rain. The humidity drops and everything cools down. The storms are wild and the rain pelts down on the tin roof,  coconuts and palm fronds fall from the trees and it is nearly  impossible to hold a conversation.

Recently we had a fair amount of rain and changes were noticeable straight away. One day flowers are popping up, the boab trees, leafless all dry season,  are getting leaves and suddenly there are millions of butterflies around (as well as mosquitos, but you can’t have it all!)

The constant heat means we can get a bit stir crazy having  to stay inside,  especially on the weekend. We have taken to jumping in the air conditioned car and go storm chasing. Huge cumulus clouds build up , thunder rumbles and lightening flashes and just when you are convinced the heavens will open, the storm passes on.

Storm Brewing Ivanhoe Crossing
Storm Brewing Ivanhoe Crossing

And there’s always beer to counteract the heat!  Well actually Not always.  Sometimes you can only buy low strength beer and no wine or spirits. Alcohol is regulated by the Kununurra police if there is a big event in the Aboriginal community about to occur. ….this is often a funeral. I was going to buy some drinks for Anthony’s birthday but to my surprise couldn’t buy any the whole week  because there were two major funerals on. You could buy alcohol over the counter and the pub did good business that week.

I look forward to the big wet and to the next dry season when this hibernation is over and we can once again get out and explore more country and get back on to the water and have a drink with friends.

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