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Baby it’s a Wild, Wild World up here!


We often go to a place on the river to watch the spectacular Kimberley sunsets… and have a drink or three….

sunset pumphouse 008

                                                                                                                                                                                           It was on the way home after one of  these three drink nights  that we had to hit the brakes to avoid hitting a crocodile crossing the road….. Can you believe it a crocodile crossing the road!

miscellaneous 2 Octoer 2015 027 (3)
Not the same crocodile that crossed the road – may be related!

On a recent trip Charlie the Kookaburra wasn’t so lucky. After we collided, metal on feather, we were surprised that it was still alive. We took it home and nursed it and Charlie survived the night. The next day I took it to the Kimberley Wildlife Rescue but it was too injured to be saved. Such a beautiful bird.


We attract a lot of birds in the garden by putting out bowls of water…different types of finches; crimson and double barred  and honey eaters. Sadly, the birds also attract feral cats. I’ve got a hose handy  just in case. The other day I spotted a black cat on the front veranda and it didn’t move much so I managed to hit it full on , it ran through a drainage ditch and on to the road.  And as fate had it, just at that very moment on the normally quiet road, a car was passing !

misc. Oct. Kununurra 019 (2)

And since then we have discovered more stray cats snooping around and a litter of  5 kittens under the house. That ‘ll be another project.

Anyone wants some kittens?

                                                                                                                                                                                 Every night without fail  the green frogs come and sit on top of the side gate. Who needs a dog when you’ve got guard frogs!

misc. Oct. Kununurra 013



You may use my recent birthday celebration as an example.


Birthday Victortoria River NT 057

Get away from the Humdrum…BOOK INTO A MOTEL

TIP #1.  Ask for Room 3,  it always comes up trumps!Birthday Victortoria River NT 034

Tip# 2. Don’t judge  from the outside. Birthday Victortoria River NT 050

Interiors often don’t  match                                    Birthday Victortoria River NT 023

Who would have thought…Fully air conditioned with a separate sitting room,

tea and coffee making facilities                                                                                                                   and an entertainment centre!!                Birthday Victortoria River NT 026


TIP #3. Don’t forget to invite your friends!

Birthday Victortoria River NT 041

TIP# 4. If your friends don’t show up for the event, spend the evening with the one you love most…..You don’t have to think about conversation topics    Birthday Victortoria River NT 076

and you can do exactly as you like after the meal, no matter how unfashionable!

Birthday Victortoria River NT 078

And  if the heady  social world isn’t your thing,  here are some tips for an alternative way to spent your birthday

Get out of the rat race and SPEND SOME TIME IN NATURE

IMG_3932 TIP# 5. Spend some time just being still & watching

The most surprising things may  come into your view……Birthday Victortoria River NT 066

TIP# 6. Dust the hiking boots off and head for the great beyond

Birthday Victortoria River NT 099      Enjoy  the beautiful expanses


or look closely and discover treasures       Birthday Victortoria River NT 109 (2)

Birthday Victortoria River NT 134   and palaces

And if none of this is your way of celebrating

go traditional and ACCEPT GIFTS

TIP# 7. Get you boyfriend to buy you a beautiful work of art

Alan Griffiths painting 002 (2)Alan Griffiths

There are many ways to celebrate turning 57, but if you follow this example you are assured of a great time.

*The Writers were sponsored by the Victoria River Service Station and Motel and the Gregory National Park on the 7.11.2015